Biosurgical Adhesive Products


OptMed is developing a family of next-generation biosurgical adhesives based on a unique, proprietary chemistry—methylidene malonate—and an innovative delivery system. Methylidene malonate chemistry is distinctive compared to currently marketed tissue adhesives for the topical approximation of skin, which are all based on cyanoacrylate chemistry.

Large, Rapidly Growing Market

Topical surgical adhesives are widely used in emergency and operating rooms as well as in dermatology settings. They are increasingly being used in combination with, or to replace, standard wound closure means, such as sutures and staples. Since the introduction of the first surgical adhesive in 1999, annual sales in the category have grown to an estimated $650 million worldwide in 2010 and are projected to grow by 15% annually to reach estimated sales of $1.7 billion by 2017 (MedMarket Diligence Report, February 2012). It is projected to be the fastest-growing market segment of the wound-closure market.


Source: MedMarket Diligence, February 2012: "Worldwide Surgical Sealants, Glues, Wound Closure, and Anti-Adhesion Markets, 2010-2017."
Every Surgery Requires Skin Closure
Key advantages of topical surgical adhesives:
  • Rapid wound closure
  • Reduced surgical time and costs
  • Protection against infection
  • Improved cosmetic results
Source: Emergency Medicine, August 2009: "Role of Topical Skin Adhesives in Wound Repair."